Volkswagen’s Trailer Assist System Makes Backing Up That Caravan Easier

Europe has so many neat things that aren't offered in the 'States: Beer at McDonald's, constitutional monarchies, Volkswagen's Trailer Assist system. On the recommendation of reader Jeremy Mears, I looked up the latter to see what it's all about.Backing up a trailer is like parallel parking set at difficulty level Expert. Imagine steering your front wheels in an effort to aim the rear two corners of your caravan, which might be more than an entire car length behind you, trickily pivoting around a point just aft of your rear bumper. It's such an oddly specific task that there's probably a

Fresh Egg Pasta Inspired Damian Williamson’s Ovo Chair for Erik Jørgensen

There’s something poetic happening when you see a chef making fresh pasta, rolling out sheets of dough to be cut into strips for your favorite dish. British designer Damian Williamson shares a similar sentiment. He decided to translate this nonchalant expression, when fresh egg pasta is draped over an extra-large wooden rolling pin, into an easy chair and designed the leather Ovo for Erik Jørgensen (the name is derived from the Italian word uovo which means egg). The Ovo’s fluid design

Design Job: Want to Design in Paradise? Maui Divers Jewelry Is Seeking a CAD Designer in Honolulu

This is an exciting, well-compensated position for an experienced CAD professional, who is looking to grow in the highly competitive international jewelry manufacturing industry. There is an immediate opening for an advanced CAD modeler to join our outstanding design team full-time at our Honolulu View the full design job here

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