A Look at “Rear Seat Delete” Kits for Increased Pickup Truck Storage

This is the backseat of my Tacoma.

To explain what you’re seeing, in a Tacoma crew cab, the seat bottoms tip forward on a front-mounted hinge, and then the seatbacks tip forwards and flat, resting in the space formerly occupied by the seat bottoms. What I did was remove the seat bottoms and hinges, to give me more storage space in the rear footwells.

I left the folded-down seatbacks in place, because I find the height of the resultant platform convenient for stowing things on. The towel and the (periodically refreshed) cardboard are to absorb the oil and gas that constantly leak from my chainsaw.

Some manufacturers offer a “rear seat delete” option if you buy the vehicle new, which knocks $30 to $100 off of the price. I’d have taken this option if I could have, but pulling the seats out myself was little trouble. Others, however, go for the rear seat delete and then buy bolt-in aftermarket fill kits for a more consistent platform, like this one from Goose Gear:

It provides lockable storage compartments (although I’m not crazy about the plywood supports):

Overall it looks a damn sight better than mine, but at $475 it’s not right for me.

Goose Gear also sells a version for the shorter access cab:

As well as for other models like the Chevy Colorado:

The Jeep Gladiator:

And the 100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser, where it gives you the advantage of a flat loading platform that can be accessed from the rear, and can act as a sleeping platform:

Speaking of sleeping platforms, check out Lumo’s cleverly-designed products for turning the back of your hatchback, wagon or SUV into a comfortable, roomy bed.