A Smarter, Space-Saving Design for a Cutlery Tray: Joseph Joseph’s DrawerStore Organizer

Broadly speaking, storage systems come in two varieties: 1) Broad, shallow and everything visible, and 2) Deep, multi-layered and obscured. Examples of the first are pegboard tool walls or bulletin boards, whereas the second is represented by tool chests and filing cabinets.

Conventional cutlery trays all fall in the first category. Homeware design company Joseph Joseph, however, has reimagined them in the second category with their DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray for Cutlery.

Icons molded into the top indicate which utensil goes into which slot. In practice I think these would be too small (for my bad eyes) to read–see if you can spot the icon in the image below–but I imagine memory would take care of this after a half-dozen uses.

Reviews on Amazon are effusive (4.5 stars out of 17,884 ratings). Most of the negative ones I read have to do with users overstuffing them or trying to cram them into too-shallow drawers. These are designed to hold six place-settings of cutlery in a 3.25″-tall drawer, though I imagine the height requirements vary depending on how curvy your silverware handles are.

At just $10 a pop, I’ll likely be adding these to my shopping list. Will report back on whether or not they live up to the hype.