Currently Crowdfunding: Notable Kickstarter Projects of the Week

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A roundup of Kickstarter projects currently crowdfunding for your viewing (and spending!) pleasure. Go ahead, free your disposable income:

The Splitter

Designed for cooking in the outdoors, THE SPLITTER is a titanium multi-utensil made of two separate titanium utensils—a spatula and a spork. When joined together, the two very different utensils turn into a set of tongs.

Moon Phase Chronograph

A collection of very intricate design details make up squarestreet’s Moon Phase Chronograph watch, including a tiny maze that allows you to tell time in a more unique way, a dual layer dial, a horned case shape and engraved line work.


You can easily make craft beer at home with the BEERMKR: All-in-one craft beer brewing machine. Need we say more?

DUO Record Player and Bluetooth Speaker

Have you always wanted a traditional record player but are afraid they’re too one-dimensional? DUO is a record player that also features a detachable bluetooth speaker. Its setup allows you to play records and stream music all using one device, so your music-listening abilities aren’t limited in the slightest. 

MacroMAKEiT: Affordable Large Scale 3D Printer

MacroMAKEiT is a large-format 3D printer with a 2×4 foot print bed. The final product will be shipped as a kit, to be assembled on site. With a price point of just under $8,000, it’s more expensive than small 3D printers, but sometimes you just need to go big!

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