Facebook timeline Redesign — Case study

Facebook timeline Redesign — Case study

Facebook featured the timeline during 2011, which is a fair option of looking back through one’s historic info. However, most people refrain from using it, for being practically too complicated. Some people would certainly like an option of methodically searching through their past information on Facebook, such as: events, photos or statuses etc…

Current concept behind Facebook’s time line

Facebook started to address user profiles chronologically, which is no doubt ingenuous. The upper left menu’s searching options are satisfactory, only apart the absence of options to search and sort data by “month”.

My predicament started when I tried to track down a 3 years old status I posted. In my opinion, Facebook does not refer to the timeline as data retrievable, but as a plain, straightforward, extended bulletin with very little options of extracting data.

To my personal view — timeline search options should be extended:

1. Facebook has existed for 12 years now. It is hard to tell now what will be Facebook’s objectives product wise, or will they include options of data retrieval.

2. It is imperative that both users and platform owner will avail user information accumulated through the years. For instance, a 17 years old blogger racking 3 posts every day (in as much a humble estimation), will muster 21 posts every week, and more than 84 statuses every month.

3. Such a blogger who might be willing to promote predated payable posts or statuses will currently only have a thumbnail or the feed presentation to look into and if she or he want to find a specific post it is inconvenient for them.

4. A presentation of listed information will be more conducive in that case.

Current navigation and design of the timeline

Time line hasn’t been reviewed or revised since its announcement on 2011. Current data presentation is insufficient: the only two options allow thumbnail view and feed view while both lack a “list” search view.

Thumbnail view might suit those whose posts are “photo associated “- where the text is hidden and it unravels only when users scroll above it. However Such a time consuming endeavour is impractical.

and the browse by feed view option is tiresome because one needs to scroll endlessly till they get to the desired info.

2 state situation

My suggested solutions are:

1. Option to screen data by month

that optimizes search both data-wise, quality-wise and relevance-wise.

a. Two Further search view options- list and thumbnail.

b. Interface with small thumbnails will naturally retain more info and thus use more efficiently the screen surface.

c. ‘List view’ will allow users to view both status’s text and post type (photo,video, link etc..)

By month feature
the new grid view I designed
the new list view

2. Search box

Adding a search box, to find a specific post if the user can’t remember the date of the post he can search by word. That may even allow one to find their forgotten details, such as: old phone numbers or emails. This also might be used for other specific search, such as: photos, articles, and any other remotely remembered posts or statuses, even by a single detail.

search box

3. Filtering by content type

I have taken into account most common publications, such as: video, photo, article and links to web sites. Thus, I decided to add check boxes to specify search options by type (photos, videos, sounds and so).

Looking forward for your notes and comments

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