How to Remove Sheetrock with Less Mess

The last time I hung sheetrock in my living space, I actually left the screws unspackled and didn’t tape the seams. That’s because I’ve had to remove sheetrock three times in my life, and each time was a messy P.I.T.A. involving a sledge, ending with my buddies and I looking like we were mid-make-up session for a Kabuki performance.

If you’re renovating something in your home or in a client’s space, it would be desirable to minimize the dust, not to mention eliminate the noise of demolition. You can do this with a couple of specialty tools (like that slide hammer nail puller we just looked at) and some thoughtful techniques.

Here Matt Jackson of Next Level Carpentry shows you his time-tested tricks for removing sheetrock–even those tricky sheets in the corner that are essentially dadoed behind another sheet–off of the wall in clean, whole pieces. He also shows you a quick trick to break the sheets down into smaller pieces that are easy to carry outside:

You can find links to all of these tools in the description listed here.