How to stay creative indoors during a pandemic

After loosing my first job and being stuck inside due to California wildfires, I’m sharing how I’m flexing my creativity inside my tiny apartment.

Learn a new language

I signed up to learn American Sign Language through my library for FREE! I’ve never been good at picking up languages, but the beautiful gestures in ASL caught my eye. Learning this new language has inspired me to continue pursuing my interest in designing for accessibility. After a few more courses I’m excited to be able to communicate with a whole new community. I’m seeking a practice partner if anyone reading this knows ASL!

Make a craft

I’ve always been fond of making, no matter the form. I was originally inspired by some hand crafted cacti I saw in a craft fair two years ago. Finally, I decided it was time to give it ago. I recently got a sewing machine and have been making them in all shapes and sizes! Nothing is better than getting a cute new roommate or gifting a homemade cuddly plant to a friend.

🌵 Carl the Cactus, my new roommate 😊

Volunteer with your creative super powers

Use all of your creative to help an organization in need. CatchaFire links you with non-profits in need of your specific skills and estimates how much money you’ll save them by volunteering. I have a passion for videography and haven’t found a reason to do it in a few years. I applied to work with a great organization and edited their secret stash of footage for much needed promotional materials (shout out to my new friends at ASAP).

🚀 that’s some BIG impact by doing something fun 🖥

I hope these ideas spark some joy in your life. Be safe and well!

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Alex Morris is a product designer in the Bay Area seeking full-time opportunities while practicing some new creative hobbies in her spare time.

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