If You’re Female and/or a Minority, and Worry You’re Not Getting Paid Enough, Check Out 81cents

All designers can compare their current salaries against the Core77 Salary Guide, to see how they stack up. What’s not so easy to measure, if you’re a woman and/or a minority, is whether you’re being underpaid compared to how much a white male would be compensated for your position.

In an effort to close the wage gap Jordan Sale, who holds an MBA from U.C. Berkeley, started an organization called 81cents. Their goal is to provide “affordable, accessible, virtual negotiation support (and data!) for women and other underrepresented minorities:”

For $195 we’ll build you a 25-page report of personalized feedback, tactical advice, and market data from professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters in your field.

If you don’t have a better understanding of your market value after receiving your report, we’ll refund your full order.

(If $195 is cost-prohibitive, please reach out to learn more about partial scholarship opportunities.)

“Quick, thorough, and one of the only ways I’ve seen to find your market value,” wrote one reviewer. You can read more testimonials here, and learn more about how 81cents’ four-step process works here.