Impact of culture in modern design techniques

How to design for clients from different countries?

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The modern design is one of the most rapidly moving industries at the time. Each year we see new designers come in with new design trends. There are many platforms to showcase the designs. With the expanding of technology and critics, everyone is careful of what they are going to do and say about design. A designer’s day is overwhelmed by the ingredients of type, color, forms, images, and formats. The designer’s expression towards a problem is mostly limited to a requirement.

The control that is generated by requirements has created rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines help the designers to create a boundary as well as a foundation for other designers to look into an improvement on it. The graphic design has developed different variations in the different part of the world. The modern graphic design has impacted by the culture from its beginning to its present day. In my article, I am going to talk about the connection between modern graphic design and culture.

Why do we need to look into the culture when we design?

The culture and art have a direct connection between each other. The designs are inspired by the culture and religion of a country. The graphic design origin from different countries has different values when presenting information, applying colors, the hierarchy of information and what the designer is going to present. If you are a designer who does designs for international clients you first really need to understand a few things.

  • Understand which countries you are doing the work for and where the clients live in
  • How do the graphic design trends change in the countries that your focus groups are?
  • How the visual language change from country to country?
  • What is the cultural impact of the country on its design?
  • What are the most common colors used in the designs?
  • Understand common font faces, native fonts and how the visual hierarchy is presented in the design.

Let’s look in to few major cultures and design trends to understand how to design for each for them appropriately.

Indian culture and graphic design

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The culture of India is one of the richest, oldest and unique. The country has a wonderful diversity of culture throughout it. I find the variation in the culture of India to be amazing because this is one of the places that you can find different cultures all in one place. India is home to some of the most ancient civilizations, including four major world religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

These different religions have a direct effect on Indian design. Especially color and native fonts is a prominent factor when coming to Indian design. The rich culture in India has a huge impact on modern graphic design. The graphic design is such a core aspect of the Indian design culture. With the bold colors and the clean fine lines, the design makes more prominent to the viewer in a unique way.

Ek Type: Baloo
Ishan Khosla Design: Godna Display Typeface
Sanchit Sawaria / Kulture Shop

The time has changed the uniqueness of the colors used and the technique of Indian design. The unique culture has impacted the style of design making the Indian graphic design one of the unique ones.

European culture and design

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The europian culture is a combination of Art, architecture, a different type of music, a different type of literature. The art of europian culture starts from Prehistoric Art, classic art, medieval art, Renaissance Art, Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo, Neoclassical, Romanticism, and Realism to Modern art.

The europian culture has different variations to its arts with the time. The art and the vivid colors have impacted a great deal into the modern design. In the early stages of European culture was rich with great artists who created beautiful peases of art to enlight the future graphic designers.

Until 1984, most of the designers created their craft by hand. But just after the year of 1984, the first Macintosh computer came to life. The graphic design burst into a digital age. Now complex graphic came through various stages of styles and movements to today’s graphic design. They are as following
Art Nouveau
Art Deco
Advertisement Boom
Pop Art
Swiss Style
The Digital Age

Let’s have a look into some of these digital styles one after another.


The constructivism is considered as the symbol of social change. The art form originated from Russia at the late 1890s. The prominent factor of this style is the bold text, the use of primary colors and the color black. This style creates a very strong message to its viewer.

Poster for the Russian state airline Dobrolet, Alexander Rodchenko, 1923.
Poster for CBS Records, Paula Scher, 1979.
Concert posters for The Black Keys’ NYC tour, designed by OBEY’s Shepard, 2012.


The origin of this style lies in the late 19s century, in anxieties about the soullessness of modern manufacturing, and fears about art’s loss of social relevance. The Bauhaus movement has created a major impact in the field of architecture. The graphics created using this style have a close relationship with the geomatical shapes. This concept has made a huge impact on what we called the nowadays modern design.

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The Swiss style

The Swiss style also called the International Typographic Style or International Style hit the market in 1960 was all about simplicity and legibility. The Swiss design on typography, for the most part, sans-serif fonts. The use of vibrant colors is highly visible in the Swiss design. Use of different font in different weights and in different variations is also a prominent factor when coming to Swiss design.

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Graphic design has become a sophisticated and beautiful at the same time. Apart from the design principles and theories, we need to understand the visual language, design trends, understand culture impact on design and what are the common colors used in designs to design to the peoples needs. We always think that beautiful design can make people happy about the work we do. The most important thing is that we do a design which is relevant and talk to the people we are designing for.

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