Introducing Core77’s Design Guides

This summer we’ve been hard at work and are finally ready to announce the Core77 Design Guides — a new section of our site dedicated to highlighting the best professional tools and services for working designers today.

What exactly are the Core77 Guides, and why should I trust what’s listed there?

A great question! The Core77 Guides are a series of lists that include links to products and services sourced by our editors and community. The topics vary, but the focus is on designers and the tools they need today in order to get the job done well. For example , a few recently published guides include “The Best 3D Printing Services” and “The Best Design Team Collaboration Tools“.

Experience shows that the best way to narrow down your options when picking tools is asking around with pros you know and trust, which is why we designed the guides to be powered by our design community. Guide topics are created by Core77 editors and trusted designers in our network, while readers like you can submit recommended services and products for inclusion.

Our interactive guide features include “like” buttons, which allows the community to decide which tools or services should be ranked highest, as well as a comment section that allows you to contribute commentary and share your thoughts about specific suggested items.

How do I get started?

Anyone on the internet can read our guides, but it’s easy to start engaging with the guides right away with a Core77 account, which gives you access to ranking and commenting.

If you have a suggestion for items to add to a guide, simply hit the “Add to This List” button at the top of each guide. As we are starting out our team will review each recommendation before it goes live.

Have an idea for a professional guide?

We’re also always looking for new experts to contribute their expertise to the design guides. Send us an email with the subject line “Core77 Design Guide Submission” to [email protected] giving us an intro to what you do, what areas of design expertise you specialize in, and your idea for a Core77 guide. If the subject feels like a great fit, we’ll send a reply and go from there!

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Check out our brand new Core77 Guides section now