Japanese Amusement Park Turns Ferris Wheel Into Wi-Fi Enabled Remote Workspace

As amusement parks go, Japan’s Yomiuriland was already concerned with the economy, even before the pandemic; the park features four “Good Job Attractions” that celebrate prominent Japanese industries (Car Factory, Food Factory, Fashion Factory and Stationery Factory). At the Car Factory attraction, for instance, youngsters get to install components of their choosing on a car mock-up, then get to drive it around.

Now Yomiuriland has launched a new initiative focused on the office economy. The park’s administrators have wired the ferris wheel up with wi-fi, and are renting it out to companies who want to treat their workers to a social-distancing “workation.” For ¥1,900 (USD $18) per worker, employees of participating companies can choose to work from the ferris wheel or an outdoor lounge at the swimming pool. And after work, they get free access to the driving range, to golf off some steam.

Sadly the roller coasters, water rides and haunted house have apparently been deemed unsuitable places for laptops.