More Options, More Problems

“Rule of thumb for UX: More options more problems.” — Scott Belsky

Hick’s law states that the more options available for the users, the longer time it will take for them to make a decision.

Imagine of using an app or a website. When you launch it, you see a list of 7 to 8 possible options to follow. How will you decide what is your intended one?

You will start looking at them one by one. Try to understand the meaning of each option. And then decide about the relevant option and click on it. This whole process of exploring options, understanding them and deciding of clicking an option takes a lot of time.

There is a possibility that you already leave the website before this process completes. You know the world of internet is so vast and finding the alternate choices is much easier.

Then how can you sustain your visitors and customers?

By providing them a simple and appealing user experience.

So, how to provide a simpler user experience?

Eliminate the unnecessary options from user interface. Give the user a clear path to follow when he comes to use your product.

If your product contains basic and advanced feature, use progressive disclosure approach to expose them.

By following this approach, your product will appeal your users and make them happy when they achieve their goals easily and efficiently.

“Anything we can do to make things simpler and more transparent is a plus.” — Cap Watkins

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