Please rethink your personal brand before it becomes sucks

Personal branding is people’s perception of us. Communicating, influencing, teaching, motivating others is not enough today. We need to work authentically and technically well.

Observing personal brands of several people in the digital product, product design, UI, UX, and other related things, personal brands sometimes become important and sometimes not really important and effective.

It ‘s important when our brand is the same as the real impact that exists. But it’ll become sucks if what we’ve done isn’t as good or worse than our personal brand.

Unfortunately, some interesting facts should be avoided:

1. Parasite

Unfortunately, most personal brands are good because they are in a good company. Get a positive effect on the company’s reputation and enjoy other intelligent people’s hard work.

2. Does not match reality

Sebastian working at “A” has a personal brand that is good and well known in cyberspace and the community of his existence.

Ronald comes, join company “A,” hoping to enjoy Sebastian’s extraordinary work.

But apparently, what’s there and known to be very different.

3. Forgotten key elements

Active in the community, has many followers, Speaker of various techniques and methodologies, but forget about the key elements of a personal brand. For example, it doesn’t show what its achievements are in the real world of work.

4. Tell but did show the actual process

You share your learning from books, articles, etc. in the form of communication. However, you do not have a product that reflects your abilities and expertise, according to the personal brand that you have created. People will not be able to feel what you are doing.


If you aim to build a good personal brand while working, don’t move to another place until you have a good impact on the company you work for. Don’t let others continue your bad legacy unless you want your personal brand to suck.

Personal branding is about expressing your authentic self by allowing you to be the person you’re meant to be. But it isn’t just some feel-good, self-help mumbo jumbo — by Susan Chritton.

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