Punkt: “Boredom is a Positive that Inspires Creativity”

At least once a day, I need to take a break and do nothing for a few moments. I usually go onto the back porch and stare across the back pasture. Grass, animals grazing, trees blowing in the wind, that kind of thing. It would make for a very boring movie scene–and that’s kind of the point.

At least one company agrees with me:

Swiss tech for good company, Punkt. has always believed that boredom is a positive that inspires creativity, something too often lost in today’s always-on culture.

And flying in the face of the myriad suggestions of how to increase stimulation during lockdown, Finding Stillness is an embracing of the acceptance of nothing happening. A time to re-set creativity, and boost productivity through a period of unbroken reflection.

To that end, they’ve collected 30-second videos of absolutely nothing happening, shot by different people scattered across the globe during the lockdown. Essentially, footage of what these people are seeing during their do-nothing, recharging breaks. For instance:

Industrial designer John Tree in London:

Photographer Alessandro Albert, location undisclosed:

Lighting designer Sumire Sakuma, Tokyo:

Photographer Glenn Webb, Hawaii:

Design professor Stefano Murti, Milan:

You can see all of the collected videos here.

I was going to write that I could watch these all day, but I don’t need to. I’ve got my own out back.