Reader Submitted: SmartBowl: Homeware from Hardware

This rubber sleeve wraps tightly around smart hubs to transform hardware into homeware.

At the moment, technology is on the home, against the home, and fighting for your attention. In the future, tech hardware will blend in, perhaps using its exterior, physical surfaces for our benefit—instead of simply protecting its own internals.

To materialize this vision, I designed a flexible sleeve that wraps around both the Apple TV and Phillips Hue Bridge (two of the most popular smart home objects) to create a bowl. The top surface of the existing smart hardware remains exposed—collecting scratches with daily use. While the exterior plastic may degrade, it is sure to outlast its internals and soon-to-be obsolete software.

SmartBowl adapter and Apple TV 4th generation

The adapter is made from flexible rubber to accommodate multiple smart hubs

Use your new bowl to hold small items like keys, headphones, etc.

Stacking your smart hubs with the adapter on top creates the smallest technology footprint

View the full project here