Technical Illustrator Giorgio Piola on “The Most Important Drawing That I’ve Done in My Life”

Working designers among you: Somewhere in your archives, you probably have one drawing that’s the most important one you’ve ever done in your life. Maybe it landed you a coveted job, provided evidence of a leap in skills or resulted in the best product you’ve ever worked on. Would you have trouble picking it out?

For technical illustrator Giorgio Piola, whose career spans more than five decades, his answer is definitive.

“The Lotus 72 sketch was the most important drawing that I’ve done in my life,” he says, referring to an iconic and innovative Formula One car first fielded by Team Lotus in 1970. In the short video below he explains why, and describes what was so special about the car:

What would your 3-minute video on your drawing look like? If any of you ever shoot it, be sure to send us the link.

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Image by Giorgio Piola for Motorsport