“The Futuristic Form Factor:” LG Unveils Wing Smartphone With Rotating Screen

Thirteen years after the first iPhone was introduced, we’re finally starting to see some diversity in the form factors of smartphones. Thus far folding smartphones have been a wash due to tricky hinged-screen issues, but LG is betting that a rotating mechanism enabling dual-screen functionality may do better.

Compared to a conventional smartphone form factor, the LG Wing‘s “swivel mode” certainly looks easier to hold for horizontal screen applications:

And their proposed usage cases for the main screen/sub-screen set-up seem sound:

And in addition to the three lenses on the back…

…there’s even a pop-up user-facing camera and a dual recording feature sure to please narcisstigrammers:

LG claims that the hinge mechanism for the rotating screen “underwent 200,000 durability tests to ensure it stands the test of time.”

My question is, will the phone stand the test of flying out of my hand while it’s in the open position? I keep hoping innovation in the smartphone space will arrive in the form of durability, but I’m probably asking too much of an object that manufacturers expect you to replace every few years.

At press time, LG had yet to reveal the WIng’s price.