The Weekly Design Roast, #7

“You can choose between sleeping in a circular bed with a seam running down the middle, or you can have two sofas with no relationship between the backrest and where your legs would go.”

“I don’t like how people can just pop earbuds in without paying careful attention. This fixes that.”

“Because people can’t afford to be bored for even one second.”

“You can use this like a chaise longue, or open it up, flip it over and use it like a chaise longue that takes up twice as much space.”

“I wanted to design a bed that makes both sleeping and having sex more difficult.”

“Bananas can be tough to cut into slices. So I designed this plastic object, which is as difficult to clean as Venetian blinds, to solve the problem.”

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t have a conversation with someone unless my legs are interfering with theirs.”

“Conventional bookshelves let you see all of the books at once, making them too easy to scan. My design forces you to walk all the way around the thing to find the book you’re looking for.”

“I wanted to design a piƱata for bears.”

I can’t write a caption for this one because WAFFLE TONGS. I give up.