This Japanese Version of a Nail File is Cylindrical (and Of Course, Multifunctional)

Here’s an innovative take on a rather humble object, the nail file. The original form factor gets you detained by the TSA. In contrast, this Japanese version is a short, innocuous cylinder with multiple filing functions:

We don’t have a line-by-line translation available, but we can clearly see that it performs three functions (not sure why they’re touting four): In the first image below, it rounds the nail. In the second image, it appears it cleans beneath the nail. And in the third image, one uses it like a regular file, with the abrasive-textured flat machined into the surface.

Small enough to fit any purse or pocket, the compact Nail File Cylinder’s main innovative elements are the two circular files that allow you to work on broken nails in the same way you would work an old-school manual pencil sharpener. Add two more regular files on its sides and you have a mini toolbox capable of fixing everything from a hair-thin splinter to a full-on break. If you ever wished to have 24/7 access to your manicurist, now you can!

This being from Japan, where packaging is everything, it looks like you can choose to carry it in a ring box or a pouch:

The ring box stirs a thought: If they do away with the first function, perhaps they could produce wedding bands with the latter two functions. Perfect for married couples who enjoy manicures and DIY.