Web & Mobile UI/UX Dribbble Shots #28

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Every day most digital designers look for inspiration on sources like Dribbble or Behance for mobile and webdesign UI/UX works. In a large stream of the works, it is very easy to miss some quality shots with small number of likes and comments.

We decided to change that and showcase some of the recent cool shots from the design community.

Here they are:

Travel filter design by Gleb Kuznetsov✈
Explore Your Dreams by Hurca™
Dieter Rams’ Design Heritage Mobile by Viacheslav Olianishyn

By author: Mobile product page of Dieter Rams’ Design Heritage website.

3D inspired UI — 02 by Jeremiah Shaw

By author: Check additional files for cropped renders that will fit your iPhone X.

M I S H I M A 0 0 1 by Zak Steele-Eklund

By author: Hey everybody, hope your week’s started good. i’ve been out of work with the flu for a few days, so decided to put together a fun concept in my free time. Trading crypto has become really popular in the last few years and i’ve noticed a lot of the larger funds using bots to trade, so i decided to make a fun and completely random representation of that product.

Halloween Costume Rental 👻 by Vlad Valov 👽

By author: Hello Dribbble family, I am so excited to connect with you. Here is my first shot. It’s the app for renting Halloween costumes. In a few days, I will share the second shot of this app. What is your favorite Halloween costume?

Preloader — Russian writers by Artem

By author: Hello friends, Another motion practice. Preloader today. Hope you all like it. 🔥 Suggestions are always welcome.

Wool Knitted Caps by Gabe Becker

By author: Hello, This is a concept for a clothing site. All images were found on Unsplash. Thanks, Gabe.

Nutrino Web App by Ante Matijaca

By author: Nutrino is one of the projects we’ve been working on recently. We worked with client to create a quick app prototype so they can test the concept in real world use

Light House by Abhishek Prakash ✪

By author: Hello Dribbblers. What you think? I will be happy to hear your opinion

Færøyene — Saksun Header Transition by Leonid Arestov 🔥

By author: Hello friends, One more slight transition from the main page to description. Thanks Nathan Riley for inspiration. Hope you all like it

Escaping Into Music by Afterglow

By author: Hey, Friends! Here’s a new landing page for music fans where users could find everything they need from discovering and sharing music to watching concerts.

Aic + falafel notebook for prototyping by Nikolay Ivanov

By author: Good day to everyone! We released a handy notebook for interface design! 😉

Let’s Get Sheet Faced! by Mark Maynard

By author: One of my favorite days of the year! Enjoy!

Medical ecommerce catalog interactions by Eugene Paryhin

By author: Hello everyone, Glad to share with you another part of the recent medical project. While maintaining same premium fashion look and feel I was working on making the process of product choice and customization as intuitive and friendly as possible.

Cafe Bistro- Restaurant landing page by Luova Studio
Desktop Messenger Spaces Animation ver 2 by ALEX BENDER
Collected Bali Experiences by Matthew Hall 🔥

By author: Exploration with image transitions for a collected experiences page.
Fonts: Gt America

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